Favorite Summer Reads

I made it a goal to read more books this year – 25 books to be exact and I got on such a roll I already met my goal. It’s been so nice curling up with a book and tea again I cannot even begin to express. My preferred method is the actual printed copies but I did also upload a small number to my Kindle for purely convince reasons.

Anywayyyy….. here are my favorites for this summer. I think these are all worth a look and would all make great gifts.

tiny beautiful things : advice on love and life from Dear Sugar – Cheryl Strayed
for me is the book on how to do life. Sometimes when I have a difficult time making big decisions I wished for a book on how to do life – I understand how ridiculous this sound trust me but I think Dear Sugar is just that book. It’s straight up no chaser style advice. I found myself and my experiences in so many of the stories.

Chasers of the Light – Tyler Knott Gregson. This this book reminds me on how we can all be artists. this to me is the modern Rumi. Words straight from the heart put in simple words. I love the use of imagery as well.

romatic wedding table

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing – Marie KondoIn the last year or so I’ve become more interested in organization. Mainly from stumbling on Doitonadime and My so called home youtube channels and getting sucked in to watching video upon video on how to organize your pantry, your drawers etc. I was intrigued reading reviews regarding this “life changing” book. Just like the author states no one really teaches you the art of tyding up and it is definetly not on my list of strengths. So I gave this book a shot and seriously I will join the cliche and say this book was life changing. It only got 4/5 for me though because I thought it really was stretched out and goofy in certain parts but the important part here is that it is solid advice and a great how to.

Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans – Michelle Tam Since completing our Whole 30 experience (which if you are interested please read our Whole 30 week by week review) We have been trying to maintain those amazing benefits like high energy and falling asleep like a baby and that’s where this book comes in handy. The author has a current blog where we frequently visit but it is nice to have a hard copy especially since this is such a fun cookbook.

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