5 Tips for Selling Used Camera Gear – 30 day Vlog Challenge

Today’s vlog is about selling your used camera gear. Now don’t worry if you are not a photographer, you can apply all these tips for selling other items like your iPhones, iPads and all that good techie stuff.

Here are my top 5 tips for selling used camera gear.

1. Keep the original box and it’s contents. It’s always nice to give the next person all of the original contents as well.

2. Try your best to not damage the item. Use screen protectors and cases to help protect it.

3. If your thinking about selling your current gear in order to upgrade to new rumored gear, pay attention to the blogs and forums.
Once the rumors become frequent and you start seeing release date rumors, it’s a good time to list your items for sale.

4. Clean your gear and take some awesome product shots. By having the actual product photos instead of a stock you instill confidence in the buyer.

5. I’ve found gear specific forums as well as Photography Facebook groups are the best places to sell your items. Some of the forums I use are
Photography On The Net (for Canon gear) and Fredmiranda (for all camera gear).


Hopefully this was helpful and as always feel free to contact us :)

ps. Here is our original post about the challenge.

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Things that scare us – 30 Day Vlog Challenge

Well here it is, I did the first video for the 30 Day Vlog Challenge. Let’s celebrate taking on new challenges and doing things that scare us. Added bonus: Notice how much I like to talk with my hands!

Oh and who can miss that preview photo I mean that is posing at it’s best!!!!!

Enjoy and go easy on me.


If you have suggestions for videos don’t be scared to tell us, see what I did there? ;)

ps. Here is our original post about the challenge.

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March 31, 2012 - 12:19 pm

Ashley Goodwdn - I LOVE YOUR MINT NAILS!
I couldn’t tell you were nervous AT ALL! :) Yes, vlogging everyday is scary, SO IM HAPPY YOU ARE DOING IT TOO! What a great video! ROCK IT girlfriend!

March 31, 2012 - 7:17 pm

Tom and Keidi - awww thank you girly! it all started with your video :)

30 Day Vlog Challenge!

Yes, you are reading it right, we have decided to take up a 30 vlogging challenge. Of course it will take work and we need to have videos up by 1pm EST day of shooting but the fact that it has rules, well that gives us no excuses.

Every video will be on a different topic, exactly what? well folks we are not even sure ourselves. We would love it if you could help and throw us some ideas or questions that we could answer? That would be awesome!

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April 23, 2012 - 9:09 am

Favorite Books and a giveaway | Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Toronto Wedding Photographer - […] ps. Here is our original post about the challenge. […]


Hi everyone! If you haven’t heard by now I,Keidi, made the big move to the states (from Canada) to join my love and now my business partner Tom.

We have joined forces and together we are ready to take Central PA by STORM! okay storm is a scary word, but we hope to capture love on it’s best days. We will also continue to be photographing limited weddings in Toronto. If you want to get to know us more you can read more about us on the “About Us” page but even better you can email us at info@tomandkeidi.com and we can talk about love, weddings and photos. The three best things in life :)

We have decided to stick to a blogsite (a blog that will be our main site) for now. You can expect to find lots of post on our previous work and our recent work to get everyone familiar with what we do best. And also fun little updates so you can get to know us a bit better.

As we are always looking to improve ourselves the same goes for our photography and this website, we would love to hear your suggestions on the comment box below.


Facebook Fan Page: Tom and Keidi Fan Page
Twitterd: @keidiphoto &  @TomJanz
Pinterest: pinterest.com/feelings

Pick one or let’s connect on all, whatever rocks your boat, or computer chair.

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