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Thanks for still being with us. And sorry we disappeared from our own blog for a bit. Mostly to hibernation, really.  So here is a bit about what we’ve been up to lately.

Made several, several pots of beef Bourguignon. Ina Garten’s Beef Bourguignon – sans the pearl onions, half a bottle of wine, and chicken instead of beef stock.

french beef stew with wine

A styled shoot. Which was featured on Ruffled, more on the amazing collaboration with our friends from The Backdrop Shop (pictured below)

battlefield bed and breakfast

Tom has become a spokesperson for wet shaving, if there was such a thing. In fact his instagram is filled with even more photos. We also went on an exciting date and made some pottery, one of the bowls above we made! … more on that soon too.

wet shaving photos

We finally got some new photos of the two of us :) by some talented friends – K Harnish Photography and The Hursts(photo below)

the hursts wedding photographers

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Lauxmont Farms Wedding – Kelly and Brandon

Venue: Lauxmont Farms
Flowers: Petals with Style
Singer: Denison Witmer
DJ: Sound Proof Entertainment
Videography: Treasure Box
Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses: Renaissance Bridal

Their love story as told by the bride:

” I took a job in Mechanicsburg teaching elementary music about 4 years ago. In the process, I had been in contact with the previous teacher, Karah Leaman, who left the district to be a full-time Mom. A few years after I started, and a few run-ins with Karah through musicals and school events, Karah asked if Iʼd be interested in going on a blind date with her husbandʼs brother, Brandon. I decided to go, but of course, didnʼt have high expectations from a complete blind date. Brandon went into it with the same attitude. So, we went to dinner one August evening in 2011, and we had a great time! I remember Brandon being easy to talk to, and Brandon remembers me talking a lot. After dinner, we went for a walk, where we found $20 on the sidewalk before it began torrential down pouring. Maybe this was a good sign.

We both liked spending time together, so we just kept going on dates. Even though Brandon lived in Lancaster and I lived in Mechanicsburg, we kept finding ways to spend time together, and we realized that we didnʼt want to stop going on dates and spending time together. In February of 2013, after a long Saturday of work-related activities, I drove to Lancaster to see Brandon. When Brandon suggested a quiet evening at his house, ordering chinese food and renting a movie, I eagerly agreed. After we picked up our take-out and movie, we came home and started eating. I opened my fortune cookie halfway through my meal and pulled out the fortune “Will you marry me?” and turned to see Brandon on one knee with a ring and a bouquet of roses. I love surprises, but I was sure Iʼd be able to tell when Brandon would propose. This made it his goal to catch me completely off guard. He did!! Of course I said “yes,” and here we are!”

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Brandon completely surprised Kelly by having her favorite singer, Denison Witmer, sing at their wedding.

wedding Denison Witmer singer

cobblestone wedding party
outdoor wedding light ideas
best wedding photographer

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December 15, 2013 - 3:25 pm

Lauxmont Farms - These photos are absolutely stunning. We’re so glad that you were able to capture the most beautiful moment of this couple. We’re very proud that they chose our venue for their special day!

March 3, 2014 - 12:45 am

Jacquie Dinnis - I was curious what time of year this wedding took place. I love the look of the leaves and I’m wondering when it was?

Top 5 iPhone Photo Apps

The camera that I carry around with me at all times is my iPhone and naturally I have waayy too many photos in there. I am then always left with the decision of  constantly having to back up my photos on my computer or deleting the PetFinder App, which obviously I’m still looking for a french bulldog.

I have finally found an editing process for my iPhone photos and thought I would share my favorite tips and tricks as well as my absolute favorite apps.

Here is how to make sure you have a good shot to work with:

  • Tap on the screen to the subject where you would like to focus (a box will show up)
  • Shoot at a different angle that typical eye level (get low, climb high)
  • Work with available light instead of turning on the iPhone flash (grab a candle, carry a flashlight)
  • Place the subject off center
  • Take multiple photos of the same photo with different variations, you never know which one you’ll like :)

Original Photo

I placed my focus on the van. Since I was at a stop sign, this was not a good time for multiple photos :)

top 5 best photo apps

VSCO CAM  has filters just like instagram but also settings where you can control your exposure, contrast, highlights etc.

– Bumped up Exposure by 1 stop

– Bumped up Contrast by 1 stop

– Applied filter M5

top 5 best photo apps


Afterlight also has filters like instagram but I mainly use it only for the cool lightleaks you can apply to photos.

– Applied Lightleak filter #21 at 50%

– Remember if you like a particular light leak you can flip it to the side you want it to display.

top 5 best photo apps


Squaready basically prepares your photo for instagram. How many times has Instagram cut your photo to where you just do not want to post it?

– Added border on all sides

top 5 best photo apps


Framatic I use this app to place together 2-3 images to create 1 which I did not want to do in this case. I recommend the cap of “collage” images to no more than 3 as you still want to be able to see the different photos.



– At this point I am using Instagram as a photo sharing app and rarely using their filters. I feel that I have more control over the editing when using the apps I mentioned above.

how to great photos on instagram

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