About Us – Toronto Wedding Photographers


Hi! We’re Tom and Keidi, I have a feeling that maybe you already know that? Anyway we are so glad you stopped by :)

Obviously we love photographing humans. really just kind and loving humans. mostly on their wedding day surrounded by other humans who love them. it’s the best thing in the world. but we also love to experiment and are always looking for ways to expand our creativity.

When I’m not shooting I’m either pinning or making my killer beef  bourguignon. and after that I tend to spend the rest of my time begging Tom to make me chocolate hazelnut soufflé, which is better described as chocolate covered clouds of happiness. yea, not kidding. I also watch too many make up tutorials and vlogs on YouTube while Tom is currently busy making his own wet shaving videos. If you ever want to come over and check out his stash of products you may have to spend the whole night here, then we will feed you beef bourguignon and maybe if i’ve reached my quota of begs – soufflé.

On Sundays, which is usually our recovery day you’ll find us snuggled up with  Brooklyn the dog while we catch up to our ever growing list of “must watch” movies. She’s got her own Instragram – don’t judge @bkthedog

We travel a lot – so if you are far away we would love to meet you wherever you are. <3

From time to time we also post YouTube videos. And here are 10 random things about us