Whole30 – Final Update

Why this was worth it:

I have a new relationship with food. I didn’t even know a relationship with food existed or that it was something to even think about. For the first time in my life food is just food, it’s just nourishment and it’s just fuel. It is not the friend I need in lonely nights. Chewing food is not an activity to cure boredom. And “healthier” “low-fat” low crap versions of processed food is still just that – processed.

Home made bone broth to make this delicious chicken soup with onions, carrots and celery flavored with lime juice and cilantro.

whole 30 chicken soup

Cooking does absolutely bring me joy and it is an activity I enjoy but mindless eating is not. I was a big snacker and I thought snacking was the right thing to do but what I didn’t realize at the same time was that I would snack when I was bored, or when I heard someone else chewing or caught a whiff of their meal etc. I associated all of those mental triggers to grab my own snack.

I feel so good! So so so good! Like never in my life more energized. Going through this has also of course without a doubt improved my self esteem because I am confident and accomplishing things while making good use of my time because I have the energy to do things and since giving up snacking I have a lot of free time!

The first week is by far the hardest and even though I vowed to not have any sort of sugar addiction had to suffer the consequences of going sugar free. I used to treat myself to sugared cornflakes with a cup of cold milk without realizing that just that cup of milk in itself has 13 grams of sugar – just the milk not the cereal. How can we all not be sugar addicts? This also proves true when grocery shopping – sugar is in places that would shock you (if the milk part didn’t, check out plain tomato sauce).

We maintained to stay on a budget and cook all of our meals at home except that one trip to Chipotle which was delicious. We got to cook such delicious meals that even Nismo was jealous :)

Cauliflower “risotto” with mushrooms and tomatoes topped with chicken and a side of asparagus.

whole 30 food

Re-introducing certain group of foods back to our diet has been an interesting take on itself. As a quick summary of that it mostly sucked – so it’s back to clean eating for us.

ps. Check out our Week 1 Whole 30 Update ; Week 2 Whole 30 Update and Week 3 Whole30 Update. If you are looking to further investigate I always recommend you visit the Whole30 for lots of info. Also I found the It Starts with Food  to be a fantastic read to get you motivated and describe sciency stuff in a non sciency way :) I continuously updated my Whole 30 Recipes pinterest board if you are looking for meal ideas.

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